You walk out of the airport only to find an array of people willing to take you to a destination that you’ve never been and charging you a currency that you’re not familiar with.

A crucial part of visiting any destination is having a solid understanding of local transportation to avoid the pitfalls – both financial and security related – that come with travelling on unknown transport networks. Indeed, when visiting a new country, the most risky part of your journey is likely to be when you first arrive…. Before you’ve had the opportunity to speak with your concierge or establishments that you know and trust.

There is no truer representation of this than when it comes to secret hotels – by their very definition they are opaque, providing only vague locality info which can make travelling to these a risky affair.

To help get around this, we’ve created a mapping system that’ll show you roughly how far away your desired hotel is from key bus stations, train stations, licensed taxi stands, and of course, parking for your own vehicle!

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